Night Care Tips

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Night care tips

Girls generally do follow a proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine before they go to sleep. This daily night care is not only important for those who are out and apply a lot of make up but is also necessary for those who want their skin to look healthy and clean. Those who practice this night care regime daily and moisturize their skin well before going to bed have a shining glow on their face. Having a look at this article will surely encourage the readers to practice CTM daily. Practice this like your breakfast Lunch and Dinner.


The first step in getting started with the night care regime is to remove the make up that you are wearing and if not then clean it with a mild cleansing cream and wash your face with a nice face wash and clean it pat dry with a fresh towel.


The next step is toning. If you have a oily skin the any branded astringent would be a good choice and if the skin id dry then you should opt for a mild rose mist.

Moisturizing (night cream or anti aging cream)-

The last step is moisturizing and after that you are all set to sleep. The choice of cream or moisturizer needs to be made with great care. Those who want to use anti aging cream applying it in the night is I guess the best option and young girls can opt for any branded and sweet smelling night cream. This will replenish the skin and provide the in-depth moisture.

These three simple steps give you the best skin care and the much needed nourishment.daily following CTM gives the necessary nourishment to the skin.It is a complete dinner for your facial skin. Following this will surely bring the back the lost shine and you will feel fresh and relaxed.

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