Neon Attack: Neon and Black

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neons and BlacksNeons are as I said earlier the Flavour of the season. They have just bought the brightness back. We are loving them and also wearing them. Neon clothes, neon shoes, neon bags and also neon cosmetics, neons have for sure become a hot shot.

Blue and yellow, yellow and orange and orange and green, almost all of these combinations look totally cool. In fact what I have noticed and experienced the most about these ensembles is that they are complete in themselves. You are ready for a funky and chic look.

But I say of all colours, Neons look best when paired with Black. Black according to me tones down the bright effect of the neon colours and also add a party look to it. Black actually gives a neon outfir a little sophisticated edge. In fact we can also try a little sequence but only if you can carry a little over the board outfit.

Those enamoured of the trend of cute, try little bows as accessories. A yellow/orange blazer would look absolutely gorgeous with a pencil skirt. Yeah!! Pencil skirts are in and totally trending.  In fact an orange peplum skirt paired along with a black tank would also have a lot of effect.

Neon for me is a fun trend, so I try to be playful with it. Add a little frills or bows to your ensemble or a statement neck piece and you are all ready to rock. Try the neon and black, it’s subtle, formal and yet Chic.

Stay Chic! Stay Girly!

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