Nail Care

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nail careTo make your hands speak by themselves nail care is really essential. Properly filed and clean nails make hands look good. Proper nail care protect nails from damage, breakage etc. As there are a variety of shades similarly there are variety of ways to make your nails look healthy. Clean nails are also necessary to maintain hygiene.

Some  nail care tips which if used can really make your hands look beautiful and your nails will surely give a definition to your hands and they will speak by themselves.

Oily soak-To make your nails look nice, soak them in warm olive oil once in a week and you can feel the difference.

Daily care-To make your nails look clean and tidy wash off with a liquid soap use a mild brush to clean them and then apply a moisturizer.

Application of cuticle oil– Using cuticle oil or slightly pushing back the cuticles is a far better option rather than removing them.

Nail polish and its application-One should keep their nails without nail polish for some time. This will make your nails healthy and not dull. Otherwise you will notice a yellowish color or kind of coating on your nails. Always use branded products for your nails. Base coat is really essential and especially for those who have brittle nails. Nail polish remover should not be used frequently.

Nail biting habits-Those who have the tendency to bite their nails should avoid as it is very harmful not only for nails but unhygienic too.

Avoid too much exposure to water-Care should be taken while working in water too much exposure to water can really be bad for the nails. One can wear gloves to protect the hands while washing and other activities. Proper application of cream or lotion will certainly make a difference.

Diet-Carrot juice can be of great help for those who care for their nails. Diet with proper vitamins and minerals is essentially needed to make your nails healthy and shiny. Vitamin E also plays an important role in nail care and hence once should incorporate in the diet.

Nail massage– A five minutes nail massage is really good once in a week with a good nail moisturizer. It will make your nails glow and give them the necessary nourishment.

If followed in a proper manner, these nail care tips can ensure healthy and beautiful nails.



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