My MotoG

Motorala entered the smartphone segment with a revolution called Moto G and this one got it kicking. Moto G, I would say was the best way for Motorola to not only make it’s presence felt but also to get a huge share of the audience looking for something “value for money” while buying a phone in that range. Moto G surely gave the other phones in this segment a run because this one seems to be the only phone where price has not affected the quality. 20140625_224947 Other brands while targeting a phone around 15k have compromised on either of the features or the look and this is where Moto G stands as a clear winner. While this is not going to be any “tech” kinda review for the phone, What you are going to read next is how Moto G is the best choice as an everyday gadget for me. Firstly, the price obviously does the trick. But yes, I will never ask you to put your hands on something because of the price because quality nowhere comes as a parameter with the money. So, my Take on Moto G is that within a price that will not hurt your pocket, this one is a “smart” looking smartphone. Do not give it a try because of the value that you pay for it but because this one is actually “value for money“. I, as a Fashion Blogger loved the phone. Let me tell you why: 1. I take a lot of pictures everyday (clothes, accessories, sky, food, chocolates, selfies etc.) 2. My Phone(the earlier ones) have always been bitten by the low battery syndrome. (I am lazy enough to charge, I talk a lot and refer to point No 1 above) These first two points totally define why I love the phone. Apart from being a “smart” looking smartphone, Moto G somewhat stays up for 10-12 Hourswith me. People around me know that even 10 hours for a phone that I use is way too much. This one was like a boon. It was not that I use Moto G too judiciously than the others but despite of all my calling & clicking and repeat, it does stay up for long. This one comes up with a Good Battery to sum it up. So, all those like me who talk a lot, this one is not going to ditch you. Now, the 4.5 inch display is quite comfortable and good for me from clicking and editing point of view. I have never been cool with phones with a small display and that is reason that I don’t like “Blackberry” (Yeah, I know they have come up with newer phones too). Okhay, so the display is comfortably good for a person like me to click with a good view and edit the image as well. Though I was never into image editing and all that (because, I have always had designer support at work) but while I was testing the phone I put a few applications in my phone and have been editing images quite a much via the phone itself. The Camera is good (very good as compared to the kind of Camera quality that we are offered in this segment). I did take up some time to understand the camera frankly but friends and fellow blogger reviews online helped me get through it quite quick. I have also blogged my last post via the phone and as smoothly as anything. The phone with its curved body looks quite premium & classy. The phone has a very pleasing experience. PS- I am still using the phone and will update more pictures and experience again. My first DSLR just came in today. I shall be photographing Moto G as well soon. Here are some of #MyMoto clicks This one is my fav click from the phone Kama Ayurveda