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A good lip balm is a must for any girl’s make up vanity. I have been using My Island Kiss balm for a week now  and this  is an absolute savior from dry chapped lips; and  tend to last longer on my lips.It comes in a tube like packaging with screw cap which makes it convenient for easy application.  The texture of the balm is just apt for the required moisturization. I love the feeling of not wearing anything on the lips. I like the gel like consistency of the balm which is light in texture.The fragrance is simply amazing. One swipe gives you the required glossy tint.

The lip balm stays put for good amount of hours even after having your meals. It gives a very glossy look to the lips which is also good J. It gives a finished look with good subtle shining and tint lips.

My Island Kiss is organic and 100% Natural which is definitely a  It gives the required hydration and has SPF 15 in it. The packaging is eye catching. Overall it is a perfect product for the lips.

It does a nice job of nourishing dry and chapped lips. As far as the price point is concerned it is reasonably priced. Easy to carry around anywhere and everywhere you go. .

My Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer comes in three variants:

Black Rose and Grenade rouge

Cherry Blossom Flores

Puerto Berry Blush

In love with the fragrance of Black rose and grenade rouge, feels like eating it. For me it is quite addictive.

My Island Kiss is definitely worth a try. The highlighted features are:

100% Natural


Petroleum free

Non Toxic


Black Rose and Grenade rouge for Rs. 399/-

Cherry Blossom Flores for Rs. 399/-

Puerto Berry Blush for Rs. 499/-

(Available in three different variants)
Buy these cuties online at

Have you tried My Island Kiss lip balm yet? What do you think? Do share your thoughts

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