Multi Vitamin Facial Massage Cream By The Nature’s Co: Review

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Multi vitamin facial creamI Say:  This time this product was used by three people which I did on purpose to put forward a review by all perspectives and that is probably why it came after so long.

I will first say for dry skin (myself), its spreads easily and also gets absorbed. The absorption level is mild, as in you will feel it well on the skin. The smell which is TNC’s highlight is again very pleasing. I was not able to recognise the smell very well until I turned the cream to see the ingriedients. I may be wrong but the predominant smell is a mixture of coco and butter. Again a very nice aroma, like the one in coffee houses. A 5 minute massage of the same feels very good on the skin. It feels subtle, smooth and relaxing. I guess the flavours that they use in their products also give it a good relaxation effect. The cream does not feel greasy and that’s what makes it unique. I hate sticky Facial creams.

The cream is good also for women above 45 as it helps lighten the skin and is also good on any spots. Yes, it did have a lightening effect though not much but noticeable. So Thumbs Up!

Not a great one for oily skin as it does see breakouts. I guess, we shall find a facial cream adaptable with oily skin in any other range.

On a whole it is perfect for normal to dry skin. Massage it for 5-8 minutes. Don’t go for my massage timings, I am not patient enough.

Repurchase: For Sure. It’s a great product plus my mom loved it. She does not like anything till it survives her quality test. So, Now I know that It is the best.

Price: Rs 1295 for 200 ml

Rating: 4.5/5

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the PR for consideration but it has not affected my review.

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  1. Bidisha Sinha

    February 27, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing this..
    can u plz make a review on lily of the valley lotion

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