Mothers Day Special with W for Woman

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The first person I played dressup with, the first person whose style became an inspiration & the first person who taught me how to paint my nails, MOM; my first TEACHER, my first FRIEND & my first FASHIONISTA. To write about her would be the most difficult thing to do. Of course, we have all done it in school days but to really express what she means is beyond words.

We often tend to forget things in our everyday busy lives but it is she who remembers it for us. It is she who takes of of our food & fitness & nags us only to take care of our own selves. This Mothers Day, W for woman came up with an amazing concept and a lovely gesture for us to take our moms back to the times. They have always styled us, this time, let us play dressup together. For what we did, was a bit perfect for a Digital Savy MOM! And as they say, #Butfirstlemmetakeaselfie

Mom & Me

Mom & Me in w for woman









Absolutely loved W for Woman’s gesture & also these white & lime Kurtas. Aren’t these just perfect for the season!! Mom was all the more happy to be a part of this association. We had an awesome time at the photoshoot & I made my MOM master the art of taking selfies. She has always bee away from Selfies but With W we made it Like Mother like Daughter, so totally.


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  1. Rishnita Bhandari

    July 15, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    Such cute pictures *_*

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