Monsoon Looks with Avon

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Swati Kain

Every Season has it’s own color and tone. Not that a colour works for only one season but with a change in season, we also witness a change in trends.  And when it comes to trends in makeup, at times things can be tricky. So, before the monsoon completely sets in, here are a few monsoon makeup tips by Avon Celebrity Makeup Artist, Neha Khanna and a Monsoon special Look.

Neha Khanna created a very minimal look creating in mind, “Monsoon”. You don’t want to look very “cakey” and “made up” and that is the reason she only focused on flattering the best features.

When asked on what would be her 5 on the go products that would help one attain a desired look she talked about the following:

  • Powder: Dual/Pressed
  • Kajal
  • Blush On
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick

As much as the Kajal and Macara would work on Defining the eyes, the powder would give your face a layer and the blush on would do the contouring. A lipstick or a lip gloss is what you would need to complete the look. I would generally got for a lip gloss but with the monsoons knocking the door, even I have shifted to lipsticks for a while. Celebrity Makeup Artist Neha Khanna also recommended to apply a blush on very slowly. “Howsoever good you may be , you should always apply a blush very slowly as the blending area is very limited”, she added.

She also focused on always working on flattering you best feature rather than over doing everything.

In the above look that she created with Swati Kain (model), I loved how she used the blush on, “Rose luster”. The colour used thrice (as on the model above) looks pretty enough for a party look, I am sure using it just once would be a great enough day look.


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