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In Today’s techno fast world, everything has become mobile and everything is happening the internet way. Gone are the days when we needed to stand in long queues to get our works done. Today everything happens by a click and everything happens quickly. My first encounter with Mobikwik happened recently, when I needed to recharge my phone instantly and there was no other option available offline. I was at a friend’s Hostel and we were a little away from the city. I wanted to speak with someone instantly and then was when my friend (I won’t takes names here) told me about Mobikwik. What surprised me the most was the fact that not only mobile phones but Mobikwik catered to many other services as well.

Mobikwik, as the names suggests was quick. I realized that what would bring a user to mobikwik would be the usage, what will make a user talk about it will be its instantaneous processing and what would actually make it viral would be the added perks. As a busy professional, I opt for online shopping almost 70 percent of the times. I am working on Sundays and the weekday offs that I get, I have many more tasks to get done. With so much of online shopping in my Kitty, Mobikwik often acts as a lifesaver. Mobikwik helps me skip the many gateway steps and pay directly from the Mobikwik wallet and also gives numerous discounts over the above the already prevailing store discounts.

Mobikwik actually makes online shopping fruitful!! Mobikwik makes my life easier because mobikwik help me complete my daily tasks faster and saves money. And as someone who has just started working, this also raises my SAVING.

Mobikwik helps us save money online. Do we need any other reason to love it?

Well, if we do need more reasons, the Mobikwik Application does it all. Yes, we do not even need to log onto the website for everything to be done, The Mobikwik Android Application can do it all for you.

Here, are some important features of mobikwik which makes it a boon for users:

1) The App size is very small; Making it light for easy storage in mobile phones.
2) Parking money in the mobikwik wallet is secured.
3) Lots of payment option such as debit card, credit card, Netbanking, ATM card, etc. are available in Mobikwik. The most liked payment mode here is CASH PAY, which no other recharging company has.
4) Direct pick of contacts from the app itself makes it unique.
5) The different ways of recharging, eg: application, SMS, Phone call, etc.

How do you recharge you Mobile phones?

Share you feedback about Mobikwik in the comments with us.

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