Men Love To Be Boys

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Like women love to look younger, so do the men. They love to wear tees that give out bold statements. It is in fact their way of flaunting their attitude. They love to say that they are still a part of the boy brigade. For the boys, they know how to look sporty and boyish always.

The best way to change your look is to change your clothes and somehow boys manage it with the same kind of clothing always.  Yes a polo T-shirt, a tee, shorts, that’s all the guys need to make their statement and they do it well. (Applaud)

Polo T-shirts

Yes, that’s sometime which is inevitable to be found in every guy’s wardrobe. It is casual yet on the subtle side. Whether they pair it with shorts or with a pair of jeans, Polo necks look good on Guys always. It is an easy to go and carry piece of cloth. From big brands to local markets it can be found everywhere and guys splurge on them.  Check out Tommy Hilfiger’s Polo tees this season, amazing they are

Round Neck Tees

That’s what the boys love and what the men wear to look young. Round Neck Tees with printed slogans work well. Every guy has almost one of these in their wardrobes. Best paired with one colored jeans and shorts, guys must avoid printed shorts or pants with them. There are uber cool designs available in the market for these tees with quirky slogans, prints and patterns. Choose your pic and get your pick.


Sun and Sand are two words that come to our minds when we say shorts. Shorts are something we see guys wear a lot these days. They wear it mostly because of the comfort (my brother says so atleast) and they look cool too. Guys wanting to impress wear it as well. One point to note for all guys wearing shorts wear solid colors tees or else you might make people around you laugh.


Converse started the culture in India and now sneakers are a must have for both the sexes.  No blabbering required for it but sneakers work well with everything, both with the scholl boy and the cool dude image.

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