Maybelline UV White Stay Compact Review

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About UV White Stay Compact

It comes in 5 shades

  1. White Ivory (You should not use this come what may)
  2. Light Ivory
  3. Natural
  4. Nude
  5. Fawn

Maybelline UV long stay compact

 Pros of Maybelline UV White Stay Compact

  1. First benefit of any good Maybelline product is its price because Maybelline makes sure that it provides the best quality in the best price to us.
  2. It works well with Indian skin.
  3. It blends well with the foundations.
  4. It does not use dry traces on the skin.
  5. It has Vitamin C, which is a natural skin brightener.
  6. The Compact also has a mirror attached to it which is great if we need to touch up while travelling or in a hurry.
  7. It gives a pore-less, even coverage.
  8. I always use it two times, once before the blush and a second time to hide the excess of blush.
  9. I also use it because I like to have a matter look. 

Cons of Maybelline UV White Stay Compact

  1. The extreme white shade is too white. Not great for the Indian skin. If you use too much of it, wanting to conceal, you will look liked wrapped in chalk and if you use too little, it will leave traces on your face.


Experience: As I always say, I particularly love Maybelline products because Maybelline offers quality and price together. Why I had picked up this one was because of two big reasons, one because it had a mirror and second because it was just Rs 150. I got the shade, “Natural” because this was the best one to suit my Skin. I have been using this for the last 4 months and I am still using it. This shade blends well with my skin tone and gives the necessary coverage. It also has an SPF 18, which is good in case, you forget to use a Sun block or your moisturizer does not have sun block qualities. I have absolutely loved the product.


Recommendation: I recommend this 🙂


Repurchase: Certainly.


Price: Rs. 150


Rating: 4.5 /5

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