Maybelline BB Cream Review

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A few months Back Maybelline Launched their new BB cream and it was all over the place. Everyone wanted it, everyone was buying it and it became a rage, Here a few thoughts on it. I use it often because it lessens the use of cosmetics (which I also don’t like much). In a few words, it is a liquid foundation with a twist. A product that helps you get ready fast and with a glow.

Maybelline BB cream Claims to:

  • Instantly brightens: Brightens skin to one tone lighter.
  • Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++: Has a smooth, light and non-greasy texture.
  • Evens tone: Hides imperfections and corrects uneven skin tone.
  • Hydrates: Moisturises all day(8 hours).
  • Conceals: Perfectly conceals flaws, blemishes & redness.
  • Smoothes: Instantly makes skin softer & smoother.
  • Mattifies : Controls shine all day.
  • Freshens: Resists sweat & sebum for 5 hours.

Shades Available of Maybelline BB cream:

Maybelline BB cream Shades

  • Nude.
  • Natural.
  • Radiance (Radiance is the best for my skin tone)

Maybelline BB cream


Directions for Use:

Just squeeze out a little BB Cream on your palm. You should use a very small portion of BB cream every time. Just sqeeze out BB cream to the size of a 25 paise coin. too little you need.

Apply it in dots all over forehead, chin and cheeks and then blend it together all over.(in about the size of 50 paise coin), then apply it on your forehead, chin and cheeks. Spread it evenly


Maybelline BB cream review

Pros of Maybelline BB Cream:

  • Gives decent amount of coverage and evens the skin tone.
  • You can avoid a foundation is its your daily routine. In fact the best part about the cream is that it lessens the usage of products like foundations.
  • As the name suggest Clear Glow, it dies fulfil that and gives a glow to the face.
  • No cakey finish to the face.
  • Contains SPF 21 and hence you do not need a sunblock (though you can mix a bit of sunblock with it while applying)
  • It is good for 5 hours. (you might need a touch up after that.
  • Hold us the makeup.
  • Good packaging, portable product
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easily available everywhere. I took mine from the lifestyle counters


Maybelline BB cream price

Cons of Maybelline BB Cream:

  • Not a lot of shades are available in it.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Check Out: Vedic Line BB cream (Free of Paraben)

Recommendation: You may use it for makeup in a jiffy

Price: Rs. Rs 199 for 18 ml.

Rating:4 /5


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