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A few days back Marks and Spencers organized a Bloggers meet and styling session at the South Extension store. This activity was done to unveil their amazing Fall winter 2012-2013 collection. MNS had put together one great day for the Delhi Fashionistas, some great running around, fabulous clothes, an amazing styling session and some good Italian food. The Delhi Fashion Blogging circuit was invited by them to style their Fall collection in a different way.

Before I talk about the MNS Fall collection, here is a glimpse of what happened there. All of us split into teams and started to style two looks each for our models. It was great fun as we put together our entire teams’ ideas into one single ensemble. We called our team, the “New Yorkers” as thus was our style. Here are the two styles that our team out together for the model, Tejal Chauhan.

Sequinned Sweather

This look was very consciously made to suit an everyday person. We wanted to create looks that can be work without a doubt. The element that we used as the X-factor here was “Sequins”. We all know how big Sequins are this season. We planned a look that could easily be carried off to college or anywhere without any hassle. Sequinned sweater, black skinnies, ankle length boots and a the bag. (the bag used here is a mystery). We used the red lip colour and the sequins to stand out in the ensemble, niether too loud nor too dull but trendy and strong.

Styling the off white crochet skirt

This outfit was the one that I liked more out of the two. The crochet skirt, the tangy tank and the blazer. We used all three different elements from the Marks and Spencers collection to make an outfit that would be loud, bold and very very trendy. This was something that maybe a Fashion professional would have loved to wear. Atleast I would. There is a lot of more similar great stuff available at MNS. Do share with us whatever you pick up.

This was our team for the day

Team New Yorkers


One of the styling that I liked the most was by team ‘Primma Donna Inc.’ look by bloggers Shreya, Manvi and Akriti. I liked their styling because it was generally how I would dressup.

MNS Trousers


If you have a lot of money to splurge then pick absolutely anything from the “Autograph Collection” . It is totally royal and a must have. Though what I loved from the store a lot were the boots and as always the beauty section at MNS. Marks and Spencers have a great hold on fragrances. I like their products credo the amazing aroma.

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