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Zara Collection
2012 has just begun and I am sure as the year has started on a fantastic note so would it go fashionably. Last Year according to me was a Zara Year. Zara had stolen the entire year from all the other brands as what Zara had given to all of us last year was what prevailed from spring to fall when it came to Trends. Zara gave us the Nautica Blazers last year which are a trend that would not go. And never were we more comfortable to wearing pink, red and green lowers, Zara made them as usual as the blue denims.

Chic as we see, these ensembles that we see in the picture above are all Zara ensembles from top to bottom. The Color combinations, the blazers and the colored denims were the tone of the year 2011 and we are still welcoming 2012 with it.

Ensembles 5, 7, 8 and 9 are my favorites. These according to me are complete outfits, these are great formal outfits and are good to go casually as well. Green and Pink has been used well in these. “Chic” is what I call them.

These can be party outfits if you carry them with gold chunky accessories with envelope clutches and a little heavy high make up and shoes/ballerinas.

These can be perfect formal wears if you combine these with satchels, nude make up(both on the eyes, nails and face) and wedges or stilletoes and wearing minimal accessories.

Wear these casually by adding little animal prints, floral prints or a lot of rings to this. You can play with a lot of colors when it comes to make up with this ensemble. You can use darker tone Blush ons, nail paints and Lip colors like oranges, hot pinks and even reds (especially for the green ensemble ) would go best.

We shall be adding much more for the days to come but I could not think of a better post on Jan 1 2012, not only because I love Zara but because I started my New years with a ZARA haul.

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