Love Chocolates, Get Chococino

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Who does not love chocolates?

Chocolates get the kid out of us or if I may say, they pamper the kid in us. Though me writing this right now does not make a lot of sense because I am on a diet since yesterday but I am writing about a Chococino experience that I recently had. A friend of mine introduced to this Chocolate brand recently and I must say that I was quite impressed. Chocolates themselves always get me on a roll but Chococino’s Jelly filled ones were eve better.

For something like Chocolates, I know I should not do a lot of talking and let the images say the story but a little about where to get these from for those who would need a little more than just images that leave you craving.
Phone: 097 11 500007

For what I know, they most do party/corporate orders but I am sure you ca make them do 5 boxes of goodness for you.









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