Sunil’s Study : Lord Krishna and His Avatars

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Sunil's Study

At: M – 66, M Block Market, New Delhi

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Among the many facets and images of Lord Krishna is Aishwarya – his Godly image. He is the ultimate power and the ruler of all elements. Inspired by this facet of the Lord, Sunil Mehra’s autumn winter 2011 collection of menswear promises absolute and undeniable luxury. All in shades of blue, the formal, dressy-casual and ethnic separates are crafted in the best quality fabrics like cashmere, wool, velvet, linen and heavy silks. Tuxedos, blazers, overcoats, sherwanisangarkhas and waistcoats are ornamented with fine hand embroideries depicting the regal nuances of the Lord, teamed with complementing shirts, kurtas, Jodhpurs and trousers. Each piece is tailored to perfection, with equal emphasis on cut, personal detailing and finish. Each outfit comes with accessory options like stoles, scarves, ties, bow ties and pocket squares. All for a very dressed-up and impactful winter wardrobe.  

Sunil’s Mehra’s work is inspired by Lord Krishna – his many avatars, his stories, his symbols, and the places which have become worship spots dedicated to him, in particular, Vrindavan. All the pieces of menswear created for the Sunil Mehra label bear a direct or an indirect relevance to Lord Krishna or Vrindavan. Whether it be special jacquard weaves with the peacock feather motif or Sanskrit lettering in miniature embroideries, or the colours turmeric and saffron, or hand painted scenes in linings.

A spiritual and fashion guru Sunil Mehra joined his ancestral business of garments at the early age of 20. His label Sunil Mehraembodies the two world of hi fashion and spiritualism together. He was the only fashion designer who had done a Krishna inspired fashion show in the Iskon Temple , a first of its kind, turning it into a huge success. His creations are woven in natural threads and each garment is a humble tribute to Lord Krishna, as he says “All I want today is that people become Krishna conscious. Clothes are not important, it is a concept behind them which is important “. According to him, he is not the one who creates.

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