Maybelline Peach Bloom Lip Balm Review

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This is the review of the Maybelline Lip Balm.

I Say: Maybelline in my opinion has the best products and the best prices. I end up using all their products and love them. They are thumbs up for Quality and packaging as well.

Coming to the peach blossom lip balm, I essentially bought it because I was suggested to use it by my shopping partner and close friend. What I have to stay about it.

  • It’s very soft.
  • The smell of the lip balm is very sweet and pleasing.
  • The packaging is cute.
  • The lip balm gives a shine and a very slight tint to the lips. (I say tint and not color)
  • It does keep the lips away from drying whole day easily.
  • Apply it twice a day or maybe thrice for awesome results.
  • The price is amazing. I love Maybelline for making quality products at such an affordable price.

This Lip balm is one cute piece that Maybelline has made. This is especially great for the college students who might not want to spend loads of money and still want to have the best experience.

Repurchase: Totally

Price: Rs. 99

Disclaimer: This product was bought by me for my personal use and not sent by any PR. The views shared are solely my own and totally unbiased.  

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