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lifestyle pakistan gala event
The Gala Dinner at Taj Palace was organized by Makhdoom M. Fahim, Senior Federal Minister of Commerce, Government of Pakistan and Mr. Tariq Puri, Chief Executive of Trade Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). Over 100 top exhibitors from Pakistan showcased products in fashion textile, designer furniture, leather accessories, food products and intricate handicrafts including leading names Chen One, Gul Ahmed, Nishat & Orient Textile Mills. Also, big names from the Pakistan fashion industry, including Honey Waqar, Rizwan Beyg, Deepak Perwani, Kamiar Rokni grabbed the limelight.
Sahar Atif, a young designer, showcased her ‘Pareesa’ runway collection with breezy outfits and drapes in black and white geometric prints to celebrate the spring season alongwith collection ‘Gulistan-i-Sahar’ that she showcased at Pakistan Fashion Week in 2010.

The list of participants at the Gala:

· Faiza Samee

· Honey Waqar

· Sahar Atif

· Needle Impressions

· Asim

· Gul Ahmed

· Pareese by CheOne

· Sheree, and few more

· Musical performances by Saimee & Ali Zafar.

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