Liberty Collection 2012-2013

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I recently happened to be at a Liberty store for a review and their new collections are definitely worth a mention. I had not stepped into the store for long but this time that I did step in I realized that they had super trendy stuff. They also had the Indian Kitsch which I loved to see. Painted Ballerinas, which is the recent quirk added to the Footwears are available at the Liberty Stores. I am not sure but I haven’t seen ballerinas like those at a lot of stores.

The Ballerina collection is a part of the winter Senorita collection that Liberty has come up with. Available in black and cherry colours, the collection is non-leather and trendy. It is totally suitable for people who would want to experiment with their looks while being subtle at the same time.

The Senorita collection as I saw is a collection meant for the modern and the edgy women who is strong and independent. Like these beige ballerinas that are totally apt for both work and parties, the collection has a mix of footwears that suits all occasions  The collection is an amalgam of great style and colours.


Drop in if you are looking for some office wear and party wear and you would come back with loads. I have something to say about their men collection too. Keep watching this space for more.


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