Lecoanet Hemant Goes ‘Blog-alizing’ With Delhi Bloggers

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blogger engagement at LHLecoanet Hemant recently organized a bloggers’ engagement at their studio cum factory unit at Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. The event was organized on 11th February(yeah, I could not go because it was my Birthday) but Lecoanet Hemant was sweet enough to send me a birthday surprize. They sent me their very talked about IndiPolo T shirt. I got the Pink Jaipur Indipolo and I love to flaunt my “Marwari” connect with it. This event marked the first time that the brand interacted with fashion bloggers in an on-ground event to engage with them in light of their IndiPolo T-shirt collection.

The event included activities where the bloggers were taken through the entire unit of Lecoanet Hemant, to make them better understand what the brand stands for and highlighting the processes that go in creating the final designs on the runway. Starting with the embroidery departments, to the leather wing, and also the section of the cloth treatment for the LH Cares Ayurganic Collection, the entire tour included much more than the tour of the Lecoanet Hemant establishment. I missed it

all but I am going to pay them a visit soon because it was not worth a miss. I am drooling over the bags! Sheer class they were.

bags by lecoanet hemant

Speaking about the Indian inspiration of the collection, Hemant Sagar, mentions “ I was searching for a way to take the ‘Proud to be Indian’ notion forward to a supplementary level of international cool”. The 5 IndiPolo shirts namely, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Ranthambore and Mumbai along with the Bharat IndiPolo, which was also sported by the Rissala Polo Club representing India in the Polo World Cup 2011, are the collection variants at present. Quizzed about if the collection will extend to cover more cities, Hemant says “I think this is an endless topic and am actually planning a sportswear collection that fits into the new Indian mindset in which the Indipolos will have their fixed place”

This was a great way that the designer interacted with these fashion bloggers from Delhi. How I wished I could have been a part of it too. Want to know more about the Lecoanet Hemant Indi Polo Tee’s?? keep watching this space because something is coming soon.

City T- Shirts priced at Rs. 3,900/- and Bharat T-shirt at 4,400/- are available at the Lecoanet Hemant flagship store at The Gallery on 13 M.G., M.G. Road, New Delhi, 011 46802289

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