LBD: The Perfect Little Black Dresses

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little black dress

What I am writing about today is nothing novel but something that almost every girl either has in her closet or wants to shop for one. A birthday, a party, a casual shopping or just work, LBD or the Little Black Dress as all of us call it is one perfect piece of clothing that every girl wants.

Why an LBD?

Why does every girl have or want an LBD? What is it that is special in an LBD? Tall or short, fat or thin, black for sure is a color that suits every body type. Black does not only make the person look taller but also fairer. Black helps in making the look sharper and draws the attention towards the face of the person. An LBD always enhances the features of the person making the person look more beautiful. One more fact that makes an LBD a perfect dress for every occasion is that a little black dress neither makes you under dressed nor over dressed for an occasion. It is as I said the Perfect for all occasions. And one more reason why every girl loves it is that no matter how thin or fat you are in an LBD you will look your thinnest Best. (Whoa!! That’s probably why every girl’s closet is over flooded with Black, even mine)

Where to buy an LBD?

Buying an LBD is not like making strategies for a country so don’t overthink but it is totally very important so you can’t even neglect on buying a perfect an a good one. From Satins to linens to Cottons and Hosiery, it is available in all clothes, colors, textures and types. From stores like Gucci, Guess, Forever 21, Lifestyle, Zara to the local boutiques and the flea markets, you can get it from anywhere. Just make a good pick, pair it up well and you are ready to go. Here are a list of a few stores where you can get an LBD from. I am trying to put the price ranges as well. Do add more as comments if you know any more stores or places where we can purchase a good LBD from.




Vero Moda


United Colors of Benetton




And yes if you know how to pick well, go to a flea

I am also sharing a few pictures of LBD’s that you may like. Drop in a comment and tell me about yourself or just visit Facebook and drop in to just say a hi.

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