Lakme High Definition Eyeliner Review

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Lakme High Definition Eyeliner Review

Lakme High Definition Eyeliner Review


I Say: When I had bought this eyeliner there were two reasons to it, first was that it was a part of the new collection then and secondly I had to buy it when my eyeliner had dried completely and I had to leave for a party in an hour. Sadly, it was the only one that I could get near my place so I got it. My Experience with this one was not too great and so I thought of sharing the experience.

Yes, I have been a bit busy here and there and so just to keep my readers happy; I am reviewing a few of my cosmetics and sharing my experiences with them.

Brand Claims:

The Lakme High definition eyeliner claims to be a highly water resistant felt-tip eyeliner good for those who love the dark black on their eyes. Its small and portable to carry as well.

My experience with the eyeliner was not that great though. I have always been using Brush applicators or glitter pencils at best but this one failed to impress me. Firstly, the felt-tip was not thin enough for a smooth and controlled use. Though the color was dark and matt as expected but I did not even find it staying for long. I say it was not user friendly eyeliner . The worst part on using it was that it dried super-fast. I did not even realize and it just dried like a leaf. For me it was a waste. Have you used this eyeliner? Do you have something to share about it?

Repurchase: Totally Not

Price: Rs. 125 for 5ml (around $3)

Rating: 2/5

Disclaimer: This product was bought by me for my personal use and not sent by any PR. The views shared are solely my own and totally unbiased.  

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