Lakme Forever Silk Jaded Mint Eyeliner Review

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Lakme Forever Silk Jaded Mint Eyeliner

Lakme Forever Silk Jaded

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Mint Eyeliner

I Say: I have a hobby of collection eye liners and different kajals, From about Lakme to Estee Lauder I have about 38 pencils and roll-ons. Yes, Its true. I love the different shades of greens and so I recently purchased the Lakme Forever Silk Jaded Mint Eyeliner. I have heard a lot about these forever silk eyeliners and had to add them to my collection.

Eyeliner Review: It was no doubt one of the prettiest emerald greens I have come across and I use it very often now. It is quite soft to use and can be applied very smoothly too. This eyeliner had a shine that is not too glittery but gives the needed effect at the same time. It is a perfect party put on.

It is an amazing color for Indian skin and unlike other green eyeliners it works well with a black Kohl pencil on the lower eye lash. It gives a stunning sharpness and enhances the eye. It stays well throughout the day. The color does not go off and neither fades but the glitter does smudge a bit around the eye in after a 7-8 hours.

I really like the colour of this eyeliner and this is certainly a great pick for you if you love to experiment with your make up and looks. This eyeliner can help you create many great looks easily.

The worst part is that It does not go off with water and soap so using a Make-up remover is a must. It does not really bother me because I use an awesome Lancome Eye Make Up Remover.

Repurchase: For Sure. Would love to try the other colors.


Price: Rs. 380

Rating: 4.5/5

Disclaimer: This product was bought by me for my personal use and not sent by any PR. The views shared are solely my own and totally unbiased.

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