Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks Review: Glimmer Green

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Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick-Glimmer GreenI Say: At times I even buy stuff because I like them. Yes, I pick up stuff also because they are appealing and I would love to have them in my make-up box, Why knows, when would I need them suddenly. Haha, that was not bragging but cosmetics and accessories often land uo with me because they look pretty and so did one of the Lakme Fantasy Collection Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick . This I use more often like a Kajal and really like.

As you know I love greens, I Got the glimmer green for myself. The color was beautiful, totally darling and amazing. It is a must for the Fashionistas and those who love all things Shimmery. I even wore it as a Kajal on the lower eyelash. Try it only if you handle it. It might be a little too over the top if you wear simpler and lighter shades.

*You can even use it as an eye shadow. It looks amazing.

*You can sure a lighter color pencil and then apply it for a better and a long lasting effect.

*It is very to take it off.

*It is a little thick to fit into a normal sharpener and for someone like me who keeps losing it, handling becomes a bit difficult.

I am using it more like a Kajal, highlighting the eyes. I like it because the colour that this Kajal has totally suits my skin.

Repurchase: For Sure. I have only tried the green as of now. Shall try the other color soon too.

Price: Rs. 350

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: This product was bought by me for my personal use and not sent by any PR. The views shared are solely my own and totally unbiased.  

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