Kunal and Soha Ali Khan Celebrating Timeless Love With Helios

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Bollywood couple Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu celebrated their Timeless Love, courtesy Helios

On 2nd July 2014, a big surprise was planned by the Helios as it played as a cupid for the newly married Bollywood couple Kunal and his wife Soha Ali khan with a amazing surprise drone in Bangalore.

Helios – the premium watch Store, helped Kunal in wooing his wife, Soha Ali Khan. In the first of its kind event in the country, Helios delighted the beautiful actress with a surprise planned with her husband Kunal. The whole concept was very romantic. The celebration is one of its kind which left Soha completely surprised. The special Drone delivered the romantic gift to her. The glimpse of the event is here:

Kunal who had tweeted asking for suggestions on a special gift for Soha, was approached by Helios – the Watch Store, who suggested celebrating their Timeless Love with them. Coming to Kunal’s rescue, Helios helped him select the perfect gift for his wife from the store’s wide range of international watch brands.

Soha who was brimming with delight, was completely surprised by Kunal’s romantic gesture, said, “Kunal is romantic, yes, but this I didn’t expect! What I thought would be a nice quiet trip to Bangalore turned out to be an amazing surprise he planned with Helios – the Watch Store. The drone delivery was so unique and it is a gesture that I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m so happy that Helios hosted us in Bangalore today and helped Kunal plan this so wonderfully.”

Kunal, proud of his gesture, looked on lovingly at his wife and said, “I wanted to do something special for Soha and she loves surprises. So when Helios reached out to me with this crazy romantic idea, I was very keen and couldn’t wait for it to become a reality! Celebrating our timeless love in Bangalore today with the people of this beautiful city has been an amazing experience and we are delighted that Helios played cupid!”

About Helios the Watch Store:

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