Kiwi Accessories: Designer Talks

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You have sen us style the Kiwi Accessories necklace in several posts. Here is time to hear from the designers themselves. Read what they have to say and about their plans.


Q. Tell us about the faces behind Kiwi?

A. kiwi is a creative intervention between two architects- Rashi Jain and Rochelle Santimano.
As architecture students unsatisfied with college assignments and project work, we decided to do
something unconventional, leading to the birth of kiwi.
We’ve been good friends through five years of architecture and have always shared a mutual inclination
towards fashion and creative arts. We understand each other’s taste and sensibility, can relate to
each other’s preferences, and can depend on each other’s strengths which makes working together
interesting as well as fun.

Q. How Old is Kiwi?

A. We started off in late 2010.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?

A. The ever changing fashion trends inspire us to design and experiment with our collections. Be it
pastels or color block, floral or tribal prints, polka dots or paisleys; we have accessories to compliment
all. Bright ribbons, printed materials, sequins, laces and various embellishments are a part of our
experimentation process with fashion accessories. Most importantly, we keep in mind our customers
and their demands while designing and make sure our products are reasonably priced.

Q. What kind of stuff do you generally make?

A. Our products include handmade fashion and lifestyle accessories designed to suit clients of all age
groups; our bestsellers being the ornamental Indian bangle sets, floral earrings, lace wrapped ‘Marry
Me’ cuffs, cameo neckpieces, vintage and vogue envelopes, notebooks, charm bracelets, kiddy bow
bangles and pet accessories.

Q. Where are you based out of? Plans to head any further?

A. We are based in Mumbai- we participate in events around the city and supply a selective range of
products to ‘Marry Me – The Store’ at Candies, Bandra. Our next step is to set up a website for kiwi
and exhibit our designs around the country so as to enable the exponential growth of our brand. As
accessory designers and architects, designing a store for kiwi is the ultimate dream.

Q. Tell us about the vogue envelope. It is something very new and innovative. More importantly, it is
something that we have not seen anywhere online or offline. What was the idea behind it? What was
the response?

A. We love reading and collecting fashion magazines. The thought of recycling these attractive pages
into something productive provoked us to design a range of ‘vogue’ envelopes and bookmarks. We
showcased our range of envelopes in our Spring-Summer 2012 Collection, and we were all sold out, so
yes, the response has been quite overwhelming!


See some more amazing stuff at their Facebook page

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