Kiehl’s Challenge for a Glowing Skin

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Pure | Genuine | Healthy – that is what Kiehl’s has got to offer us. A brand working totally towards providing us products tailored for our skincare needs, Kiehl’s stands for Quality. The brand is not only into making some amazing products to nurture skincare but also always comes up with something interesting every time to make customers interact with the brand and know more about it. This month Kiehl’s has something for everyone who would like to know about their skin and also the Brand.

Kiehl’s is not forcing anyone to buy their products!!

Kiehl's consultation

Kiehl’s has launched a 28 days Skincare Challenge this month. They held a Bloggers Meet to introduce the same and I am one of the Bloggers who have taken taken up the 28 day Skin Challenge with Kiehl’s.

Yes, so if you want to try out Kiehl’s products or there is some special concern with your skin, visit your nearest Kiehl’s store and the (KCR’s) Kiehl’s Customer Representative with give you a free skincare consultation and also 5 free samples. The samples are usually good enough to work for 5-7 days. The time is good enough to know how well the products work for you. Also, the best part of the consultation is that the KCR’s helps you with the products that are best suited to your skin keeping in mind all skin issues that you have. If you like the products

Kiehl's Challenge

One point to note about any Kiehl’s Store is that you will never walk away with just buying a product. The KCR’s will tell you about the products that best suit your skin and also will guide you on how to use it. It is a great practice to ensure that only the best suited products reach your skin.

The Kiehl’s meet was quite informative like last time and Anurag (their Brand Manager) guided us through some great insights in Skincare and also the Brand.

A few things about Kiehl’s that you cannot miss:

  • Their products have no artificial fragrances
  • They put more emphasis on what goes inside the bottle and not outside
  • They urge you to try before you buy
  • They won’t sell you any product apart from what your skin needs

Kiehl’s also says that with this challenge you will definitely see some visible results. It is a challenge not only for you but also for Kiehl’s.

More on what changes I am seeing, I shall write soon

Product I recommend:

Midnight recovery concentrate

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