Kiehl’s 28 day Challenge

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So, It has been some 28 days that I have been using the entire Kiehl’s regime. I started to use the Kiehl’s regime in my busiest time. I have never been so much busy than this, Back to back meetings and presentations. On why, I have been busy, there will be an announcement coming soon. It was difficult for me to even take out those 15 minutes for the entire regime but in a way it was great that I was doing it an taking care of my stressed skin.

I have been using all the given products and the effects are great. I shall now speak about what I liked, what I did not and what worked for me.

In a sum up, the Kiehl’s regime was a boon to my super hectic work life. A perfect way to take care of the skin.


I loved using two things:

  • Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Face Cleanser

Though I have been all the given products as a complete regime but these two are products that worked great for me, also because they are mild

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and can be used any time.

The cleanser is the mildest ever cleanser, it is soft and very effective. Using it was a treat because there was nothing harsh about the product, also I felt like actually washing my face with something as light as feather. My skin is way too dry, so anything harsh leaves a mark or tends to start irritation. The facial cleanser was a really good use. Plus I carry it with me always.

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is something that I now swear by and recommend. An amazing product. It is not going to make your marks vanish overnight, no it’s no magic. But it is still going to work like magic. Every morning my skin got smoother and I really love the product because of that.

Below is a picture of me after using the products for some 20 days. I have used no makeup (just some moisturizer, kajal and a clear gloss)

That’s the kiehl’s effect.

I would love that if it continues as I am a no makeup person. I would love if the products can give me a free from makeup avtaar forever.


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