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A RAPE that happens in Gurgaon (and gets blown away by the media) also brings a law that WOMEN should not step out in Gurgaon after 8! GIRLS being bashed up by some “Sena” people in a pub make people come out with a consensus that “FEMALES” should not be skimpily clad!
rape in india

I write this not for anyone specific but for every human being who is a part of this HYPOCRITE SOCIETY and is capable of bringing a change. Every GIRL who remains silent after a massacre like a RAPE needs to change! Every COP who refuses to register a complaint and makes fun of the VICTIM needs to change! Every FAMILY MEMBER who refuses to understand the situation and mocks the girl out needs to change! Every MOTHER who is on a “muted mode” since years and has not stood up to live her own life needs to change! Every person who passes a “stupid law or comment” on matters as serious and deep as this need to change! Every HUMAN BING who thinks that it’s HER fault needs to change! Every MAN who thinks that SHE is MEAT needs to change.

Why do people come out with statements like these? Do we call for RAPES? No women, even the ones skimpily clad would want something like that to happen to them. If a change has to happen, it needs to first come in the thinking of people and the society to be able to translate into actions. The society needs to understand that both MEN and WOMEN have an equal right to LIFE and to BREATHE. No section of the society is privileged or stronger by birth. And if there ever existed any demarcation by gauging who is stronger, WOMEN it is! Even the so called stronger MALE force donot have both the ability and capability to bring LIFE. And they say MEN rule the society? Women bring the society to LIFE, nurture them, grow them and hence it is!

What have women not done? Faught wars, YES! Bought life, YES! Run Countries, YES! Built empires, YES! Even after running neck to neck with the male specie for all those years women get tagged the weaker section. Even after being able to turn economies on their tips, they still are being asked to sit at home. Even after running kingdoms and countries, they are stilled looked on to for their FLESH. And even after invading the sky, people call them just “GIRLS”.

Yes these little girls who adore the barbies and love colours actually complete the world. If MEN are one side of a coin, WOMEN are the other side, equally important, stronger and full of life.

Being a girl, it saddens me to see what happens every other day with someone from my society, my race. We need a change! If we want to live like HUMANS and not ANIMALS, we do need a change. We need a change in the thinking of people towards the fairer sex, because we are not just dolls to dress and show off by your side. Men need to understand and respect our EXISTENCE. On the other hand, we need to realize that WE do have the RIGHT TO FIGHT. Many incidences do not even come up because even the thought of the repercussions is too much for them.

We need to speak up! THISS WILL BRING THE CHANGE.

As I always say, we always in our own little or big ways can bring about a change. If this small piece can inspire or change someone for the betterment, I have done my bit.
we need  to change

I am proud to be a GIRL and of my existence


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