Joost Juice Bars

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Joost Juice bars are the brainchild of Rivoli Sinha. The juices are just amazing with no added sugar. They have that natural sweetness of fruits. The smoothies are really interesting with different seasonal combinations to try. It is one of its kind Juice bars where health and hyginene takes the first place.

 Rivoli Sinha, Founder, Joost Juice Bars, India says “We are happy to introduce to you Australia’s popular Boost Juice Bars here in India, which is known here as Joost Juice Bars. We specialize in making juices, smoothies, crushes and healthy F&B alternatives. We launched this brand in India to fill the gap in the unorganized market for fresh & healthy drinks. As we are passionate about providing a healthy lifestyle to our customers, we shall deliver fresh juices and smoothies to the Indian customers to make a difference in their everyday lifestyle and also deliver our signature “Love Life” philosophy.”

Rivoli Sinha, Founder Joost Juice Bars


Rivoadded, “The Indian juice industry size was around US $3.5 billion in 2012 and is estimated to grow to US $ 21.14 billion by 2018. Seeing the low per capita consumption and the growth in the industry we are confident of delivering our best and expanding rapidly. Today there are more than 450 Boost Juice Bars in over 14 countries throughout the world. At present, we have 14 Joost Juice Bars in Delhi NCR and Mumbai; another 17 in pipeline over the next 12 months.”

Being the Master Franchisee for the Boost Juice in India, Rivoli Sinha, founder, Joost Juice bars has worked on everything with a global attitude in terms of best-in-class practices. Sourcing the best raw materials and fruits from the best of markets, the brand has carefully segregated the areas where to source it, be it from India or the global markets.

Product Name All Berry Bang

Janine Allis, Founder, Boost Juice Bars Australia, says, “We are excited that Joost Juice Bars in Delhi-NCR & Mumbai are fast turning into a place where people know they’ll find the highest quality of natural Juices, & superior-tasting smoothies. Creating delicious, preservative-free Juice is our passion and we take great care in distributing our products to our customers. Our loyal customer base love Joost’s “Love Life” energy and find it amazing something so healthy tastes so good. “ 

In addition, Joost has chosen IQF technology to maintain the freshness and quality of a fruit that is either not available in India, or has a seasonal issue without making it a frozen food. In the early days, Rivoli herself used to visit local mandis like Azadpur to get the best quality fruits. But now, with a considerable experience and expertise in picking the best quality fruits, the brand has segregated the fruit varieties as per the month they are available in. They source blueberries and raspberries from New Zealand; Sweet Charlie, a more appropriate Strawberry, from Mahableshwar-Panchgani belt; Mangoes from Ratnagiri and Apples from Kashmir.

With customisation of more than 60% of its menu, the group has introduced drinks like fig-a-licious and even changed the core product of ‘Boost’ Mango magic to MEGA Mango Magic making it more suitable for Indian pallet.

While the juice industry in India has still been dominated by the unorganised players, it is an exciting space for a global brand like Joost/Boost to bringthier unique in-store expereince and great tasting drinks. The inteerst for investment is huge with over 900 enquires waiting for Joost to begin franchsing, whcich they plan to do this year. With increasing number of people adopting a healthy lifestyle, the Indian juice market is an exciting space for both new as well as existing players in the market.

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