Jafra Liptick review: Pure Ruby

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So, I had got this Jafra lipstick when I and Jafra Cosmetics had conducted a Beauty Blogger pamper party in Delhi at the Jafra Centre at New Delhi and after that for long, I had only used this lip color. Two main reasons, why this color had become an instant favourite was the shade (Pure Ruby) and the second was that it was a long stay. Here is more about the Jafra Lipstick

Jafra Pure ruby

Experience with the Jafra Lipstick:

This one was an instant love because of the pink factor involved. According to me Pink was the only color that suited my Face untill I tried Tangerine. I have used this lip color both for day events and night ones and the color looks equally good at both the times. This is a long stay and has a creamy feel to it. It has a light rosey fragrance to it.

Jafra Pure Ruby Swatch

Pros of the Jafra Lipstick:

1. This is a long stay (it will stay 4 hours beautifully)

2. Great fragrance. Not that a fragrance has anything to do with a lip color but it enhances the entire experience of using the lip color.

3. The color totally suits Indian skin and perfect for western clothing. Not Dark at all. This pink has a neonish tint to it.

4. Handy and cute packing

5.  Creamy Lipcolor. Very smooth on the skin.

I did not find any such cons in this lipstick. It is a quality product with a great color. Keeping all my biases aside for pink cosmetics, Pure Ruby is an amazing colour for my kind of skin.

I have attached a picture of a swatch. I will soon do an outfit post where I will be wearing this lipcolor.

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Sure (quality product)

Disclaimer: The product was sent by the PR for consideration but it has affected my review


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  1. farah

    October 4, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Need the shade pure ruby can u pls helpn as to whr can I get it

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