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Irezumi is one of the finest luxury restaurants that promise to make your eating out experience truly memorable.It is located in the heart of the Capital Connaught Place.

A few days back, I was invited to review Irezumi. The ambiance there was wonderful. In Irezumi, you get to taste something unique and different. In just one meal, it is possible to sample dishes from more than five countries, all thanks to the innovative Asian Tapas menu. Irezumi specializes in the mystifying cuisine of Asia and the restaurant takes you on a culinary voyage to Japan, followed by an extensive tour to Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia Cambodia and South Korea. Since the restaurant houses the varied tastes of different countries, Irezumi can truly be defined as a place where cultures collide, fantasy rules and it has a energetic atmosphere for a unique culinary experience.

Some of its most popular dishes includes  an array of Sushi, Sashimi, Uramaki, Nigiri, and Dragon rolls. Non sushi-lovers will definitely appreciate the substantial entrée menu that includes delicacies from the oriental empire of Asia.

Amazing  is just one word that fully describes how well managed and presentable everything there is in terms of the food,decor and ambiance. The décor of the restaurant is modern with the walls, tables and coasters featuring graffiti interpretations of traditional Japanese tattoo art adds to the contemporary feel of this stunning eatery.


The main attractions of the Irezumi that will definitely persuade you to add this luxury resturant in your fav list are-

An Oriental décor with LED tables embedded bar-be-cue, an adjacent private room that offers a secluded, intimate setting for private events, a beautiful terrace with fountains, and an interactive kitchen with Yakitori, Teppanyaki grills, Sushi and Sashimi live bar.

Irezumi features an array of flavoursome deserts.These delicious  desserts were the best ending to the meal. It seduced me to clean my plate fully. As mentioned earlier, desserts were the perfect ending to the innovative Tapas menu(like topping on the cake)!




Ratings out of 5
: 3.5 | Ambiance: 5.0 | Service: 4.5 |Overall: 4.5

 Address : 

22 A, 1st Floor, Beside Le Meredian, Janpath Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Meal for Two : Rs 2500 plus taxes
Phone:  011 46204142

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