The ideal party menu!

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If we talk about the trends of the season, only yummy food is not the only criteria that will make your

food the most talked about. How presentable your food is and your cutlery also leaves an impact on

your guests. Recently, I threw a party on the occasion of my book launch. Since the occasion was

big and so are the menu and other things at the party.

An absolute must-have at a party

The Starters, Main Dishes, Drinks and Desserts and yes, not to skip dose of health in your food

(salad) are an absolute must have at the party. For me just the good food is not enough, I want

everything to be organized in a proper manner and in symmetry.

I am a professional, so most of my friends are intellectuals. I decided to use the Borosil glassware

dinner set. They look attractive. They are easy to clean and are microwave safe.

The soul of the party is the food.


Tandori Aloo,Veg Cutlet and Paneer tikka with green chutney.

Tandori Aloo and Veg Cutlet

I use full size Borosil glassware plates to rotate the snacks over chit-chat with a tooth pick inserted

on every piece.

Paneer tikka

I served paneer tikka in full size Borosil glassware plates and garnished it with shredded cabbage.

Green chutney

Green chutney, a blend of green mint, coriander leaves, lemon juice and rock salt. Mint adds

freshness to this chutney. I served green chutney in two small Borosil glassware bowls to make it

convient for everyone to have it with snacks. I garnished it with mint leaves.

Main dishes and salads

Shahi Paneer, Dal makhni, Dum aloo and stuffed nan and yes, of course veg Biryani and salad.

Shahi Paneer, Dal makhni, Dum aloo

I used different Vegetable serving Borosil glassware dishes to serve them. The benefit of using this

Borosil glassware is it is microwave safe and easy to clean. I garnished the Shahi Paneer and Dal

makhni with fresh cream and Dum aloo with coriander leaves.

Stuffed nan

I served the stuffed nan in the requisite serving plate and sprinkled some freshly chopped coriander

leaves on it to make them look more fresh and yummy.

Veg Biryani

I served the veg Biryani in the rice plate. The biryani was has awesome flavours of different spices

used in it. It was beautifully decorated with fried onions.


I used a large bowl of the Borosil glassware to serve salad. I tossed diced tomatoes, cucumbers,

onions, boiled mixed sprouts and roughly chopped lettuce leaves to give nice colour to the salad. I

sprinkled some chaat masala and squeezed some lemon juice on it. The transparent bowl make it

look more attractive.


Ice Cream with chocolate sauce and Gulab jamun

Ice Cream with chocolate sauce

I served the ice cream in the Borosil glassware quarter plates by beautifully decorating it with

chocolate sauce and crushed nuts.

Gulab jamun

At the end, there were hot gulab jamuns in the Borosil glassware bowls to fully satiate the sweet

tooth and make party memorable for that good reason of my first book launch.

The party is a big hit among my friends because of the delicious food prepared by my mom and

Borosil glassware. A big thanks to them for making the party rocking.

This post is written for  indiblogger’s  Borosil”my beautiful food” by Borosil.

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