How to recognize a luxury watch amidst others?

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With various luxury watches available in the market today and buyers having a different viewpoint on what constitutes as a luxury watch; it is necessary to ascertain the elements which add up to a watch being termed as a luxury watch.

Basic overview of a luxury watch

The foremost thing one can be certain about a luxury watch is that it will carry a rather substantial price tag.Whether a watch is a classic or a fashion brand they can both be luxury watches; also luxury watches are primarily designed to not only keep time meticulously but also help adorn the wrist and make it look very attractive. Moreover, a luxury watch is usually skillfully crafted by a well known and classic watch manufacturer brand such as Omega or Chopard Watches. At times a luxury timepiece may also be designed by a fashion house such as luxury watches designed and made by Police and Armani.

Though various styles and uses of watches have developed over the years the most popular is the wrist watch; while the pocket watch is still available for purchase and till today evokes a good amount of interest among watch collectors. Watches may have a traditional or a digital face or may be designed for a specific purpose such as luxury sports watches designed by Tag Heuer which are water resistant.

Besides brand new luxury watches; vintage luxury timepieces are also popular and in both cases one must make sure the guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty note is provided. While watchmakers consistently work on improving the engineering and inner workings and movement of the watch with every new design; the trademark of the watchmaker is present on all the luxury timepieces. Hence while making the purchase one must ensure that the trademark is on the right place of the watch to determine the genuineness of the luxury timepiece.

Here are a few tips on recognizing a luxury watch amidst others.

Stands out

Though people have various opinions on what describes as luxury; while distinguishing between any watch and a luxury watch; one needs to make sure that the luxury watch has an inbuilt value pertaining to its movement and style of the watch which is unique and does not confine to any trends; but is something which can be carried forward for decades and even worn by future generations. It also is recognizable by the fact that it has limited production and high quality of craftsmanship by skilled artisans.

Good functioning

It needs to function at the best level possible considering the price one has to pay for the watch and the timepieces require being as accurate as possible. An added benefit is the after sales service and the watch company’s long term commitment to servicing the watch. If the brand reviews state that the company is good at this service then that is a definite plus point towards the brand as it shows that the company is able to stand by its product and can ensure great quality. Luxury watches also stand out due to their past lineage and history of quality craftsmanship which takes into account every minute detail.

Limited production watches

If you are concerned about value retention and possible appreciation, then it is a good idea to consider getting a limited production luxury watch. Watches with more complicated features, with a unique shape, etc. create a lot of interest amidst buyers and are generally more sought after due to the limited numbers available in the market. Such watches typically have a great chance of value retention in the future.

Swiss Made watches

Even those people who don’t have much knowledge about high end luxury watches; do still have an idea that Swiss manufactured watchesmeans great quality. Hence getting a luxury watch which is Swiss made is a good idea with Switzerland well known for its tradition of creating fine watches. The reason Swiss watches are so sought after are because over the years Swiss watch manufacturers have improved their skills and expertise in developing specialized processes and paying attention to minute details which is essential in superior watch manufacturing; especially in context with luxury watches.

If you are considering gifting yourself a luxury timepiece or buying a pair for yourself and your partner such as a Bvlgari or Chopard Watches; it is important to remember to check the timepiece carefully to ensure it is an original one as luxury watches are purchased to last a life time. They are easily passed on from one generation to the next and subtly display a sign of wealth and status of the wearer; hence it is always preferable to purchase a luxury watch from a reputable watch seller. If you are planning on buying one online, then it is safer to purchase from a well-known company like Zimson Watches which has been selling various types of watches including luxury timepieces for several years now and also has numerous retail stores in the South of India.



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