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I am a very carefull online shopper. I will only buy something online at the cheapest price. I do not mind surfing 10 websites for a product. Not that I am “vella” but mine is hard earned money and I respect that (laughing). I decided to shop from Homeshop18 only because it actually beats every other website with it’s price.

Samsung Galaxy S2

What I bought:

  • Samsung S2 + bluetooth (Price at Homeshop18 Rs 25999 plus you get it all sitting at home)

Sections to check out on Homeshop18:

  • Electronic Gadgets (best prices online)
  • Books (bestest prices online)
  • Beauty (Sally Hansen Nail Care)

I did check out their fashion section also, and there were some Forever New stuff that I liked. I am definitely going to buy those too once I save a little more. I love homeshop18 for the fact they they really have discounts (others actually say discounts but still charge you heavy). The prices that Homeshop18 was offering justified shopping online, as it was quick and best priced.

So, I am addicted to shopping with Homeshop18. Are you?

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