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What to wear to a party

Where do you buy your party dresses from? We all love to party and the first thing that comes in a girl’s mind when she get’s to know about a party is her party dress and what comes to a guys’ mind is certainly the drinks. For a girl it is always a herculean task as she cannot compromise on her look and always wants to look the best. At least, I would always want to look my best, unless it is a bad hair day. We always spend a lot of time deciding on the best party dresses. A bad hair day is the worst thing to happen and especially when there is an important event to attend to. A bad hair day often happens with us. There are a lot of remedies for a bad hair day that can help as a SOS to the situation.

Anyhow, What to wear to a party and where to choose the party dresses from is the Question in demand. I am sharing an idea which can help you on what to wear to a party. This is an extremely simple and elegant one. Anyone can carry this out with perfection. You will find the simple and the practical Party dressing Ideas here. if you are looking for something dramatic and larger than life, then either opt for a dramatic eye makeup or just go and google, “Lady Gaga”.

How To Decide What to wear to a party:

  • Wear Something which is comfortable
  • Decide your party outfit depending on what party you are heading to. If you are going to a beach party, a floral sarong would be best while if you are heading to a white collar event you could wear a knee length dress or a gown.
  • Keep your outfit simple and always play around with your accessories.
  • Always wear something that gives you height.
  • Do not fear from Experimentation.

Are You Party Ready:

  • High Heels
  • Tamed nails l Nail Manicure l Nail Art
  • Clutch/Bag
  • All handy makeup in your bag
  • Hair do
  • Makeup done
  • Had your dinner (eating at a party might disturb your lip colour)

What to wear for a casual Party:

  • Blue knee length crepe dress
  • Black Studded Heels
  • Black clutch purse
  • Silver Bracelets
  • Black studded earrings
  • A french bun
How would you dress up for a casual party? Share your thoughts with us?

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