Haveli Heritage: A Glimpse into Punjab

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We have often heard about and seen themed restaurants. They are special because they break the monotony of just “Fine Dining” and add some special element based on a sentiment attached to their audience. Themed restaurants also stand out from the others because they establish a connect. From Culture to Sports, there are many such themed restaurants in our country, all focusing on something special.
On a recent short work trip to Punjab, I had the chance to visit Haveli. I had already heard a lot from my friends about the Haveli at Murthal but not much about this one which happens to be the first one. (read Haveli Heritage, Jalandhar). What a beauty it is! We had stopped at Haveli for lunch and what got me in awe was the ambience. The place speaks of Punjab, the culture, the people, the colors and the food. It is a very beautiful documentation of the state and the culture. I would say a very rich way of having preserved the glimpse of the prestigious culture. Enter Rangla Punjab, and it looks like you have entered a village in Punjab, back in the olden times. The entire resort takes us on a virtual tour of Punjab. You will only see two things about Punjab at the Haveli Heritage, the rich culture and the Grandeur.

So, When in Punjab, do as the Punjabis!!_MG_0492




By The Way, the Haveli Heritage has been built by a “Jain” and has some awesome “Shudh Shakahari” food (yes, I know that I am stressing on this but I like it).

I tried their famous thali with had too many flavours together (though one thali is too much for  person like me). Will share my experience about the food super soon too. Liked it much.

So, if you are near Jalandhar/Ludhiana and have friends who pester you for being a “Vegetarian”, take them to Haveli Heritage and show them how awesome “Vegetarian Food” is!

The only that I missed was Shopping (getting a “Phulkari Dupatta for myself ) but I am sure that Punjab is calling me back soon.

P.S.- Lovely hospitality Punjab

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