Go Statement Simply: Monochrome Pant

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This post is my come back post after the long one month break that I am recently back from. I would really like to thank Priyanka Chanda for keeping the buzz live on Facebook when I wasn’t around. I was supposed to do this post about a month or so back but my bad back kept everyone waiting for it.

Styling Rooja.com Pant


When I liked this pant from Rooja, I had planned a very formal kind of a look. A formal look with a monochrome pant (don’t laugh), yes that was what was on my mind but when I received it, I reliased that it was a bit loose for me (eeee, I lost weight may be). The challenge had now begun, I had to style this monochrome trackie pant. Not that styling a loose pant was a task but that was not my style and I wanted to present a very wearable style to my readers at the same time.

Rooja.com Monochrome Pant

How I styled it:

  • Peachish-Orangish tank
  • Open Hair
  • Light Makeup (like always. I believe not everyone dresses loud everytime you step out and so do I)
  • Bib necklace
Monochrome Pant

I always style every outfit very simply and practically (practically because I do not want to show you ways to wear a particular outfit that only looks good in pictures and not in real life). I wore this outfit for a client meeting (since my clients are inclined to Fashion themselves, cooler clothing is ok). I did not have anybody who could click my pictures there and so, I got these pictures clicked by my mother when I came back.

Akshita Jain

Ideas to style this Monochrome Pant (buy from Rooja.com):

  • Wear a tucked in shirt/tank if the pant is fitting you well. If the pant is a skinny fit, a tucked in tank would make your waistline look slimmer, make you look taller and also more classy.
  • If the pant is a trackie/loser fit to you, wear a longer tank over the monochrome pant. This would help you hide you the extra loose effect but at the same give you a cool and casual look.
  • Choose a plain tank instead of a printed one if you would want to leave room for accessorizing.
  • You can consider wearing a bib necklace (like I did) or a big statement necklace. Always follow keep the alternate element in your clothing light (here the tank is the lighter/simpler element)
  • If you would want to look tall, wear pumps or else go for loafer that blend with the colour of your tank.
  • Do not wear a full black/white shoe with this pant. Those would kill the beauty of the monochrome trouser that we are styling.
  • I always wear simpler makeup because that suits me best. So, I would not comment about the makeup here.

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