Glam Winters with Kazo

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For the brand that Kazo has been, we have always loved it. They know their style and with their collection create effortless trends. Quite affordable, Kazo is creating international trends suiting the Indian audience. Every piece being a statement in itself, at Kazo their is something for everyone. The collection has an array of colours and beautiful patterns. Winters are no more dull and grey and the colors in the Kazo Autumn Winter collection stand for the fact. I absolutely love their accessories. As a matter of fact, I had never really checked out accessories at Kazo and this time that I did, I fell in  love.

The autumn winter collection is playing around studs, spikes and bling a lot. There is a lot of gold and chunk in the collection too. The collection according to me is combining lighter tones with patterns with wintery elemnts, a leather jacket along with a floral dress and and a studded blouse to go with a khaki trouser. There is also a lot of monochrome in the collection which has a touch of elegance to it. Pretty much to sum, the collection is interesting and vivacious at the same time. For those who like to stick to basics (like me) there are interesting options too.


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