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Gillette Venus Shaving Session with Kriti Sanon and beauty expert Namrat...

Gillette India recently hosted a fun,informative and learning session with Aesthetic Physician Dr Rashmi shetty,  Namrata Soni and the Kriti Sanon. The panel discussion was mainly to focus around the myths of Shaving and educate women on the fact that Shaving is easy, quick, hygienic and it has nothing wrong associated with it.

These experts talked about the do’s, don’ts and various myths that we had in our minds with respect to shaving v/s waxing. They also shared their personal experiences of shaving and discussed how it transformed things for them. They vouched for shaving being one of the most hassle free and painless methods of female hair removal and moreso in the everyday city life where time and traffic takes a toll, Shaving seems like a faster solution.

Gillette Venus Shaving Session with Namrata Soni, Dr. Rashmi Shetty and ...

Though I have never resorted to shaving and always stuck by the conventional waxing for my hair removals needs, post this session I have also decided to take up the #subscribetosmooth challenge. I am trying Shaving myself this month to know it better.

One key fact that I would like to share with my readers which was also stressed by the panel experts is that one should always use a quality razor and should moisturize the skin before using razor on it. No matter what the hurry is, never use a razor on your skin without hydrating it.

As per Gillette Venus , it is safe, hygienic and leaves the skin super soft. (I have just been using it for a few days as of now). Shaving is easy, quick and painless as compared to waxing. The product is enriched with goodness of aloe vera which has moisturizing properties and leaves skin dapper & happy.

Why to use a razor at all?

It clearly does not do any harm to the skin. Then why spend so much time at the parlour??


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Do take up the Gillette venus #subscribetosmooth challenge with me and if you have any question or queries do comment and we will answer.

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