Gillette Venus Razor : My Experience

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I like taking up Challenges! Isn’t life all about that, a challenge every day? In fact, don’t all of us live up a challenge in everything we do? Mothers while they raise their children, Fathers when they nurture them into better beings, Wives they start a new life & we Entrepreneurs when we start something that we live. 

I know, I got a little carried away writing this but I always am an Entrepreneur at heart and can talk on and on about it. However, this also leads up to a new project that we at Colorific are taking up, #ProjectAtWork. More about it, I will share in the Introduction Post. 

Here is about a recent challenge that I took up. The 30 Days #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge byGillette Venus!



My Experience

It is for the first time that I am using a razor (Gillette Venus) on my skin instead of waxing. I generally never resorted to a razor or shaving as it was considered not good for hair growth (Will talk about this myth in the next post). Shaving was a good experience for me. The process was simple & smooth. Neither did it hurt, nor was time consuming. I was done shaving my hands in less than 20 minutes. Gel, Razor and voila, it is done!

There was no dry and flaky feeling as you only feel dry skin if you don’t use a gel. For cleaning underarms you can always stretch your skin a bit as it helps.

If you are a newbie in shaving like me and are using a razor for the first time, don’t press the razor too hard on your skin.

I liked the overall shaving experience

Colorific Tip: Always use a quality Razor. You may look at getting Venus for yourself as well.

Remember this while you shave:

The only thing that you need to remember is to wet your skin before you shave and use a shave gel (I used Gillette satin care shave gel). The best way is to shave in one direction. It makes hair removal easier. I have always hated those messy and sticky waxing strips and hygiene conditions have always been a major concern during waxing. But I got a permanent solution to my problem.

How to Use

Wet the area you want to shave. Apply a shave gel for a smooth shaving experience. Shave gel holds the moisture and protects the skin. Use your Razor in one direction and remove the hair.




The Highlighting Features:

  • Three curve-hugging blades for a flawless finish with virtually no missed hair
  • Protective cushions that gently glide over skin for a smooth and comfortable hair removal experience
  • A contoured non-slip handle that is designed to fit perfectly in a woman’s hand thereby providing great control even in the shower
  • Gillette Venus razors are inbuilt with natural ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E that leave the skin soft and smooth

Shaving Vs Waxing

Shaving when compared with waxing is easy, fast and less time consuming.

One doesn’t need to go to salons, it is at the comfort of your home.

It leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Shaving is less painful as compared to waxing.

Shave as often as you want to may be once a week.


The best thing about the entire experience is that you can carry it in your bag always with you and make even the tiniest hair disappear.

Shop the products online here: for smooth and soft skin.

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