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Leading a beautiful life had been a goal for each one of us. And as women this includes all the hassle of maintaining a life where we look flawlessly beautiful each day. Smooth and soft skin is what every woman wants to have. One of the age old methods of hair removal that almost all of us resort to is waxing. But I find it very painful and for all working women it is very difficult to manage and get time for frequent parlor visits. But as we have talked in our earlier post about the savior Gillette venus  #subscribetosmooth challenge and I having taken that up. Shaving has really made hair removal easy and at your convenience.

If it is your first time that you have been using razor. You might be dreading about the fatal experiences that might come to your way while using razor but after reading this you can confidently go ahead and join Gillette venus #subscribetosmooth challenge.

Here we are stating the Fact file which would clear all the myths that you might have about shaving:



Many of us believe that shaving leads to harder and denser hair growth. Yes! since childhood we have been into believing this old school story without a second thought. But this remains a myth as scientifically we find no evidence of such developments. We find no change in the levels of hair growing proteins just with external physical removal of hair. The growth of hair depends on the genetics and other things. So ladies and cute girls out there this preconceived notion of ours remains a myth (to be busted,huh!)


Further the razor blade causes no hardening of the skin as believed with usage of sharp objects as it comes with blades created and built with extra care and perfection. So kudos to the designing and styling of the product as it takes care of the comfort and skin of the users.



Shaving doesn’t help in exfoliation of dead skin cells.  Let’s shun this old school myth, as one of the biggest benefits of shaving is exfoliation. It is a fit-in budget alternative. Thus with each shave your skin gets rejuvenated with that divine glow. Since the skin becomes smooth it gets easier for liquid make up to stay flawlessly for longer period of time.




Shaving causes inflammation of skin cells causing severe red spots, marks or allergies. This again is something which depends and varies from one person to another. Some people might feel a burning sensation immediately after shaving their hair but as I said this depends on the conditions and manner in which shaving has been done. For example rashes might come if shaving is done using a low quality razor or hard cutting razors.

I have seen many of us complaining about a dark, itchy, patchy skin after hair removal. But this doesn’t come as a result of shaving as the Gilette venus takes care of this so well. It comes with shave gel which helps in smooth shaving. Also after shaving moisturize your skin well.

This had been my experience of this worthy product. See you next with our next post. Till then enjoy shaving and keep sharing your views and comments.

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  1. Saily Patre

    October 12, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    This was a very interesting and helpful read. Thanks 🙂

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