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Fabulloso! is an online store with a difference!.  It was launched in January 2012 and offers a curated selection of beautiful things for customers’ wardrobes and homes – exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted designer wear, wardrobe essentials, shoes, accessories, home furnishings, accents and more! I recently came across the website and was impressed to see the range that it offers and the prices that they offer it. One reason why I liked Fabulloso is because it makes buying designer products and easy task for everyone.

Fabulloso Discount

Fabulloso! is the brainchild of Gaurav Taneja, ex-Partner and Business Head – Technology, Communications and Entertainment with Ernst & Young, and Anupma Taneja, a graphic designer and entrepreneur with a successful handmade paper business – Kaagaz Exports – to her credit. They put together the venture in January 2012 and Fabulloso! has already made its way to the hears to the fashion lovers and design junkies.

What puts Fabulloso apart from the others in the league is the fantastic shopping experience that they give the users; right from the design of the website, the products, safe and secure payments/ COD option to the luxe packaging. Few Things that I liked the most about fabulloso! (These are just some quick pointers, review up to be soon)

  1. 24 hour dilevery. I got my package in the same day when I placed my order.
  2. The packaging- the packaging killed everything else. It was so beautiful that I even resisted opening it.
  3. The prices, look at the prices and you would know that designer stuff is affordable.
  4. Quality, what I had ordered wasn’t of any designer label but fabulloso!’s own. The shirt’s material and fit is amazing.

The focus points of Fabulloso are:

  1.  Fabulloso! is an online store that offers curated selection of beautiful things from known as well as many upcoming designers.
  2. They believe in providing the customers a great shopping experience – right from the design of the website, products, safe and secure payment options, prompt delivery to our luxe packaging.
  3. They offer Order On Phone and also invite their guests to Visit them @ f! – our office in New Delhi, if they wish to browse through the products.

PS:  They also have some discounts going on! You can grab your favorites now at even better prices. fabulloso!

Let us do a little activity. Browse through Clutches at fabulloso! and in the comment box share your favourites. You can put the url of your favourite clutch in the comment box. I will have have something special coming up.


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