Geetanjali Salon, Select City Walk Saket Review

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So, there is a good news for everyone who are a regular at both Geetanjali Salon and Select City Walk, Saket. The Good news is that Geetanjali is now at SCW as well. Yeah, I love shopping at SCW and so I was very happy to know this as it will be easier to compliment my Shopping sessions with some pampering sessions as well now. Geetanjali Salons and Sumit Israni (the man behind the awesomeness that these guys create) need  no introduction. The Salon is most known for their Hair related services with Sumit  Israni being a well-known name for this par excellence styling.

I had huge expectations from the Salon as I have always had a great experience at the Green Park one and now at their Janakpuri one (it is just 1 minute away from my residence). Both Akshita & I tried their services and I must mention that the staff there was very cooperative and sweet owing to the many questions that I asked. As a blogger, we tend to have our set of questions and suggestions, these obviously play a better role in defining our experiences.

While I resorted to getting a new Haircut and styling done, Akshita chose their Hair ritual.


The first step as usual before the service was shampooing and conditioning. “It was such a pleasure to get this simple and usual thing done. Their reclining massage chairs seemed like a heaven (specially after a long day at the mall).I enjoyed it a lot.”, – A. The hair ritual at Geetanjali is a five step process. They have a separate area for the hair ritual for the complete relaxation of mind and body. The salon is neat and clean with a well trained professionals in their respective fields (they absolutely don’t need a mention for this). Infact, I really liked the intelligently done interiors, there were separate section for everything. “The hair ritual was really good and I could feel the hair supple after. I also would recommend the “Shekhar” who was my stylist for the day. The way he worked on my hair taking all my recos was very commendable”,- A


I actually took a Haircut as I was really bored of what I was having on. I usually don’t have a lot of people touch my cut because I am very particular about it. With Geetanjali, it was just the change of a branch and so I was ready for a try. I did like the work doe on my hair and I am sure  the pictures would speak better. The hair stylist was a perfectionist.  He did ask me what kind of a style and cut I wanted and with our combined thoughts, he gave me a new look. 



IMG-20140928-WA0010Our overall experience at the Salon was really good. Do give the Salon a try if you are shopping at Select City Walk and looking for some pampering.

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