Friday Dressing with Allen Solly

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Did you know what happened last month? Those on our Facebook Page would definitely know but for those who are reading this for the first time, last month we had a little to do with Allen Solly. Playing Dress up and having fun picking up ideas for #FridayDressing . Now #FridayDressing happens to be a well thought of concept because Friday is when we break free from the monotony of everyday hectic work. So, #Fridaydressing has to be cute and thankfully with Allen Solly it is. It is summers and finally Allen Solly has some cute colours, neons, florals and and softer fun clothing.

We did this Little Dress up activity while Shooting for the Solly on Style Video which is a part of the Series that Allen Solly has come up with recently. It was sun shooting for the video because we were a fun team together (a cute team actually). The video actually has a lot more so I choose to write less about it and you can hop over to the video yourself. A little more about #FridayDressing and the Summer Collection with Allen Solly.

Was happy to see some colour in the clothing for men. Some real cool pieces up their. The blazers for men were really hot. A green blazer I spotted there is something that I have already advised to a lot of my friends. 

Summer Style Tip: The Green Allen Solly Blazer, a checked shirt, blue denim and a brown hat. A perfect Summer look!

For Girls, there was a lot to actually go an explore. The fact that there was a lot of colour in the store was good. The coloured trousers were a perfect match to a lot. We went on and created many looks and one of them is here. I am sticking to neons since I was wearing my Orange wedges that day.

DSC_0624 (Copy)

DSC_0625 (Copy)


DSC_0614 (Copy)

P.S-  You see a bit of Dancing in the video. That was me playing a mirror image to “Mr.Cute”. Wish the video captured Mr. Mathur Dancing too.

By the way, checked on Allen Solly’s new collection, leave your comments about it and share your feedback on the same.


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