Formal Treats

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This post actually comes as an answer to a friend who had asked me what to wear for a office party. Yes those which you call the formal treats and parties. So I though I could do a post for that as well. If you too need to know how to dress up for a formal party /lunch/dinner keep reading.

1. Do not dress too over the top.

2. At the same, do not dress too casually as well, remember you are not out with friends. You might have bosses as well.

3. Wearing a dress or a skirt is a best option.

4. Lets you bag do the talking.

5. Apply all the colors  (blush on, nail paints and eye shadows) that you can’t while in office.

6. If it is just a lunch/dinner wear footwear that gives you height if you are not tall but incase of a party avoid too much heels if you are not use to wearing them.

7. Do not carry a sling bag. (remember, its party)


This ensemble is all about white, black and grey as these are my favorites and also the safest colors for someone wo does not dresses too much.

It is also a very simple one.

Shirt: White and Black checked

Jacket : Black

Stole: Grey

Skirt: Black

Shoes: Grey

Evening Clutch: Flower Clutch Black

In this ensemble we have played with black and white/grey alternatively because that works best. It make the person look thin and elegant. This outfit also has a shirt below incase you are not too great with more cleavage show.
You may carry a nice watch and wear a cocktail ring as well with this outfit. A neckpiece could be a small chain and that’s it.

This could make an amazing outfit and yes because it is winters you can team it up with boots as well. It would surely look awesome.

Colorific India is our attempt to get all the latest in Colours for you. Colours because everything in life has a colour and those colours make life beautiful. From a brownie to a bag to a bun. From purple to white to green. Everything that is colourful is here.

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