Foot Care Tips

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Those who neglect their feet are highly mistaken for a more relaxed feet can make you happier. Foot care is an extremely important part of our routine. For those who believe that Facial looks comes first and ignore their feet, when it comes to buying any beauty product or planning to get ourselves pampered by a beauty treatment are wrong. Taking care of our feet is equally important and easy. Foot massage or reflexology at a good beauty parlor will not only make your feet look good but also make you feel relaxed. A few quick and easy tips can really be useful in this regard. These are a few foot care tips.

In the Daily routine a few foot care tips that could be really beneficial are-

1. Use a pumice stone to remove the dead and dull skin.

2. Use a nice smelling moisturizer or cream on your feet to make them soft and avoid cracks and rough skin

3. If possible wash and moisturize your feet before going to bed. During winters you may also cover them with a pair of socks.

4. A few exercises for your feet would really be helpful in reducing pain and you will also feel relaxed.

5. Once in a month feet pedicure or foot reflexology can really give fruitful results.

If you are short of time then you can also try a foot spa at your home. A few simple tips for doing foot spa at home-

1. Foot soak-The very first thing you require for a foot spa is a good foot soak. Various branded foot soaks are available in the market. A nice smelling foot soak will not only make you feel relaxed but also help in reducing your foot pain.

2. Scrubbers and pumice stone-The second step is to remove the dead skin and rough skin of your feet with the help of various scrubbers. This will help in removing dirt and help in making your feet look nice and clean.

3. Foot scrub-A nice foot scrub will not only makes your skin smooth but also helps in removing the dead skin. It will give a glow to your foot and your can feel the difference yourself. The various branded foot scrubs are available in the market at reasonable prices.

4. Foot massage cream-A ten minutes massage with a branded foot massage cream will really pamper you. My personal advice in choosing the foot cream would be The Natures Co Sweet Almond Foot and Toe Cream.

5. Foot mist– The last and not the least is to apply a foot mist on your foot to make your foot smell like a flower and you are all set to go for any occasion after this wonderful foot spa.

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