Five Shoe Options To Add To Your Winter Wardrobe By Carlton London

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It’s that time of the year again when your dad asks you to go to the office a little late, when your mom force you to wear layers of warm clothes and when you can’t wear your favourite pair of shorts or skater skirt. Yes, winter is here. But should we compromise on our fashion because of the weather?

We bring to you five footwear that you can make a statement with, this winter, while keeping yourself warm.


1.Ankle boots:

Ankle boots are “in” this season. You can see a lot of women wearing them. Rather than wearing the same old basic ankle boots again, let’s go for something different. This pair of unique ankle length wedge boots by Carlton London can go with any kind of clothes. They are extremely comfortable and look very stylish.


2. Knee length boots:

You can never go wrong with classics, can you? Pair your favourite dress or skirt with these basic knee length boots by Carlton London and you are ready to go for a party. You can also wear them over your jeans.


3. Heels:

“You are not fully dressed until you sparkle”

Don’t we all have weddings to attend or year-end parties to go? Wear these glittery heels by Carlton London and you are ready for a party. They can be worn with evening gowns, lehengas and sarees.


4. Slip-ons:

Slip-ons have been in fashion this season. This nude pair of slip-ons by Carlton London has sequins on them. They are an everyday-wear and can be worn with literally anything and everything. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn for a long time without getting shoe bites.


5. Night Elegance:

This pair of blue heel boots by Carlton London is my personal favourite. They can be worn for a cocktail party or a dinner date. They are elegant and look extremely stylish. They come in this beautiful shade of Prussian blue making it go with any colour.

What are you waiting for? Go grab these from your nearest Carlton London store or online from their website

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