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“MOM is a title just above a QUEEN”.

This Diwali gift your Mother something that would make her feel special. Why stick to gifts that are just ordinary? She is the Woman who plays the most important part in your lives and hence needs something super special and amazing. Gift your Mom a gift that would pamper her and take care of her while she takes care of you…

Spent time, think about the gifts and curate some Diwali Madness for your Queen. Team Colorific has come up with different gift options that you can choose to gift her for the festive season.  These are gift options that are either things that she can use in her daily chores or that will pamper her. Also, we have included gift options that perfectly fit all our Diwali Budgets.



Running 100 different errands in the day, she needs something which is specially crafted to soothe her and help her be energetic all day long. To be on her toes and run the show from dawn to dusk, what better can we suggest than a perfect cup of Tea. A perfect cup of tea takes all the stress and tension out of you and makes you feel fresh and energetic. Recently, we came across this brand called Teaffaire and we would love to have it as our recommendation here. I have myself tried these teas and believe me, they are really good. I have already become a big fan of their masala tea and my Mother loves it too. Their Darjeeling Green Tea is also a must try, super light and smooth, it is the best way to end your day on a rather relaxed note

With almost nine varieties of teas that have no pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in their production, Teaffaire comes across as a very fresh and soothing flavourful tea Brand.

This is one such thoughtful gift that I would highly recommend to my readers who are looking for an innovative and different gifting option for their Moms this time. So, go ahead and gift your mom these specially crafted gourmet teas, not to mention is their amazing cutesy packing which is anyways a great hamper to gift. So, gift here these, sit with her and enjoy the rich and enchanting flavors and spend some quality time with her.

And yes, I forgot to mention that My Mom’s favorite is their Kashmiri kehwa.


Another option to gift your Mother could be something that would take care of her beauty while she runs her household. Why not gift her something that would enhance her beauty and make her feel like a Queen this festive season? One such brand which my mom trusts and which we suggest is Biotique. Biotique as a brand needs no introduction to any of us. Known for years and trusted for their great quality, I am sure there are enough Biotique products that you and I already love. Biotique products have 100% organically-pure & preservative-free ingredients. The products featured in this post of mine are of daily use and a hamper of these will surely save your Mom her next visit to the store. The five products which we are featuring are for the special festive hamper are:

  1. Biotique Apricot Refreshing Body wash.
  2. Biotique Papaya visibily ageless scrub wash.
  3. Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan removal scrub.
  4. Bio Fruit whitening and depigmentation face pack.
  5. Biotique Dandelion visibly ageless serum.
  6. Bio Kaajal


I chose these six products because these are daily use ones with two products having anti ageing properties(serum and scrub wash). You can also get this box customized as per your requirements from their stores and probably include products that you know your Mom is looking to buy.

Ozone Ayurvedics

With the growing age, your skin requires extra care and hydration to maintain that glow. And your special woman needs special care. Recently, Team Colorific came across this complete and handy skin care pack by the brand Ozone Ayurvedics. This CTM Kit by Ozone ayurvedics is a complete kit with takes care of your daily skincare regime. Their four highlighting products:

  1. Ozone classic cleanser.
  2. Ozone walnut scrub
  3. Ozone classic rose toner
  4. Ozone all purpose almond massage cream


This weekly skincare kit with regular use gives you a clean, clear and radiant skin. This skin care kit helps in reducing the signs of ageing. With herbal actives free from all synthetic chemicals this kit is priced at Rs 990/-.



“ Beauty brings Happiness” and mom’s Happiness is everything and would be more precious than any gift.



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