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A new rage among the fashion conscious people and the elite, designer jewelry made from natural stones. Transforming natural stones and revolutionizing then to make modern jewelry designs is an art in itself.  Jewelry Designer Ruchi Kochhar has carved out her own place in the jewelry space, Her designer creations known by the name of StyleAura gives you the pieces that would vow anybody’s heart.

This Creative Designer Ruchi Kochhar along with the craftsmen  collaborate and together create unmatched style defining today’s modern women. This exclusive jewelry is available in different colours,designs,patterns and are of amazing quality. StyleAura design work revolve around natural stones such as:

Amber                          Pearl                             Gomti                     Druzy

Amethyst                     Jade                              Quartz

Agate                            Turquoise                    Onyx

StyleAura, crafts each piece of jewelry with unique style and precision that will make you feel nature’s vibrancy and authenticity. The positive energy that these natural stones shares perfectly balances the beauty and style. The product range starts at Rs 1000/- to about Rs 5000/-.

StyleAura offers designer jewelry for various occasions and in almost all styles from Choker to Hasli to Mid Length to Long length beaded jewelry. Reinventing natural stones with a tinch of modernity is what Designer Ruchi kochhar is known for.

Some styling Tips by Fashion Blogger Akshita Jain for these Pretty Baubles on how and when should we opt for choker,long length or Midlength beaded jewelry :


Choker :

Choker neckpiece suits well on those with long and slenderical neckline. Choker suits well on slim people. The best position for choker is on or just above the collor bone. Choker goes well with both Indian and western outfit but not with collor neckline.

Those with round face and want to look slim should not opt for choker, they can rather go for Mid length and long length beaded jewelry.


Mid Length beaded jewelry:

Mid length beaded jewelry also works as a statement neckpiece and goes well with both Indian and western outfit. Mid length beaded jewelry draws attention easily and gives a your dress a elegant look.



Hasli can be a fun option to try with tube top or any western outfit but not for collor or boat shape neckline outfit.


Long length beaded jewelry:

Opting for Long length beaded jewelry is easiest way to dress up when in hurry or in confusion what to wear. Long length beaded jewelry goes well with both Indian and western outfit whether it is v neckline or boat or collor etc.

One can either choose matching or contrasting beaded jewelry and style your boring western outfit and give them a total new look.

Lastly, we would like to share a piece that would surely catch your attention: Handpainted Ganesha on Agate.


Beat the Boredom with these rich and lively pieces that perfectly matches the personality of today’s women.


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